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Best types of aromatherapy candles for sleep problems

Best types of aromatherapy candles for sleep problems
Aromatherapy Candles as a natural sleep aid 

Essential oils candles are an effective way to help you relax and sleep better. If used as part of a holistic evening routine.  The most effective candles are the ones that contain essential oils with lavender.  Candle are an effective way to routinely  incorporate the infusion of essential oils into the body and mind. 


According to The Sleep Foundation found among all essential oils, few have been studied as much as lavender. Lavender has been associated with improved sleep in multiple research studies, including in some people with insomnia. The smell of lavender has calming effects according to the National Library of Medicine on heart rate and blood pressure as well as mood. In a study of people exposed to lavender before bed, deep sleep increased  leading to feeling more refreshed in the morning.

In 2012, 79 college students with known sleep issues took part in study to compare the effectiveness of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and sleep hygiene versus sleep hygiene alone on sleep quantity and sleep quality and to determine sustained effect at two-week follow-up.

Also in a 2005 study assessed how lavender essential oil affected 31 young, healthy sleepers.

Researchers found that lavender increased the amount of slow- and deep-wave sleep in participants. All participants reported feeling increased energy the next day.

Healthy routines to help your sleep

You should also make lifestyle changes to improve your sleeping habits:

  • Avoid caffeine after 2 p.m.
  • Go to bed at same time every night (even weekends)
  • Try to eat earlier in the evening
  • Do a digital detox for one hour before bedtime.  This will help increase your melatonin , which is chemical your brain produces that regulates sleep.
  • Have  a bedtime ritual. This can signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down and help set your body into sleep mode. Simple strategies, such as taking a warm bath with a candle, or sitting reading in your pj's will help



Relaxing aromatherapy candle

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