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Tranquil Spa Candle

Tranquil Spa Candle

Our Tranquil relaxing blend is the ultimate relaxing and sleep inducing therapy candle, let this blend calm the senses and allow yourself to drift to sleep easily. The 12 essential oils are selected to calm the soul. 100% natural, non toxic with only pure essential oils. The heart is lavender and neroli orange blossom. Sandalwood, clary sage and chamomile add to the calming and sleep inducing properties. The spa single one wick therapy candle is 160 grams, provides around 35 hours of pure aromatherapy benefits.  This size incorporates around 15 grams of essential oils, the equivalent of 1.5 standard aromatherapy bottles,  thus bringing you all the therapeutic benefits. The perfect pre-sleep candle or when seeking ultimate relaxation.  Our customers come back time after time for this wonderful aromatherapy blend, the lavender and neroli combine beautifully  and one can feel the benefits almost instantly.

candle is 160 grams, provides around 35 hours 

Candle Use Instructions

Please burn for 2 hours minimum first burn to prevent tunnelling. Always trim wick to around 0.5cms each burn otherwise the candle will burn too quickly. Keep away from children, pets and soft furnishings. Extinguish when less then 1cm of wax in base.

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